Lightning Returns: FF XIII Arrives Early at E3

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
E3 begins in just three days time with the big guns making their all-important keynote speeches, starting at 12:30 PM EST with Microsoft and their next generation of games. Despite this, many developers and publishers release new information about their game in the week running up to the big event so that the news doesn't get lost in the chaos. Although Square Enix will be appearing at E3 with a list of games that includes THIEF and Murdered: Soul Suspect, they've decided to show off their new information for before E3 starts.

7/6/13 E3 Lightning Artwork

As everybody had guessed by the game's title, Lightning has returned. Another familiar face that will be returning is that of Snow Villiers. Dressed all in black, Snow has come back to fulfil the prophecy that aims to stop Lightning in her tracks.

7/6/13 E3 Snow Artwork

The new trailer sees the characters meet again. How will things work out?

If you can't view the trailer, take a look at the latest batch of screenshots. They focus on the "lively city of Yusnaan" and some of the "colossal monster battles" that Lightning faces throughout her adventures. The new action-oriented battle system is also on display.

7/6/13 E3 Screen 1

7/6/13 E3 Screen 2

7/6/13 E3 Screen 3

7/6/13 E3 Screen 4

7/6/13 E3 Screen 5

7/6/13 E3 Screen 6

7/6/13 E3 Screen 7

7/6/13 E3 Screen 8

7/6/13 E3 Screen 9

7/6/13 E3 Screen 10

7/6/13 E3 Screen 11

7/6/13 E3 Screen 12

7/6/13 E3 Screen 13

7/6/13 E3 Screen 14

7/6/13 E3 Screen 15

7/6/13 E3 Screen 16

7/6/13 E3 Screen 17

7/6/13 E3 Screen 18

7/6/13 E3 Screen 19

The theme song for the trailer, The Savior, was composed by Naoshi Mizuta. We have a trailer with a bit of an insight into the process for that too:

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is due to be released on February 11th, 2014 for North America and on February 14th for Europe.
Rebecca Smith
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