Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Beta

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
The highly anticipated Test Drive 2 draws ever nearer. We're now at the point where Eden Studios are looking for a team of gamers to conduct a thorough Beta test.

Sign ups have been opened up now should you want to apply (link at the bottom of this article) as Eden Studios said;

This dedicated group will be selected based on their knowledge of the genre, passion for video games, and ability to effectively test the evolving "beta" stage software in use. Many will apply, few will be accepted.

As a beta tester your feedback will be essential in driving the game to completion. Your opinions, feedback, and rigorous road testing will help us optimize the performance, handling, and final feel of the game. You will be among the first players on earth to experience Test Drive Unlimited 2, and your feedback will help make the game everything it can be.
The game will boast a completely reworked handling system to reflect some of the arguments levelled at the first Test Drive Unlimited which featured handling not quite Arcade, though nowhere near realism. But of course, the real draw to this title will be the massively multiplayer element as gamers start driving clubs, racing groups and forge partnerships over Xbox LIVE.

Interested? You'll be needing the sign-up link below then...
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