All the Details of the New Xbox One Controller

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
After the recent reveal of the Xbox One, fans all over the universe of gaming have been divided due to rumours, misinformation, and general hulabaloo, but our recent story regarding the Xbox One, hopefully put some of the yadda-yadda to bed.

On a lighter note, PlayXBLA found some excellent details regarding the new Xbox One controller specs, and we are here to share them with you today.

June 7th

Impulse Triggers: The new controller will feature four vibrational motors. Two that will be located behind the triggers, and two more under the grips that will add more vibration for large scale explosions for example. The biggest addition, however, is how this will affect how a gamer will be able to identify where a possible enemy may be by utilising a directional vibration.

High Quality Headset Audio: Many gamers today use headsets for multiple gaming purposes, and the new Xbox One Controller will allow for a much better experience regarding headset audio. This will also make in-game and party chat far more seamless with much better quality.

Revamped Thumbsticks: Do you ever find the 360's thumsticks to be a little stiff? If so, then the new thumbsticks will allow for a 25% decrease in resistence which increases the sticks sensitivity.

Precision D-Pad: The new d-pad is designed for better control. Built to give the gamer better movement with an increased response time and better directional feedback. All-in-all, this will make for quick menu selection and precise movement for fighting games.

June 7th

A,B,X,Y: The buttons are now closer together and gives a much better response. Not to mention they look pretty. This also is affected by the new infared LED's that not only give a excellent connectivity between the Xbox and Kinect, but it also can identify the profile of the person holding the controller, which makes switching spots on the couch a seamless transition.

A Warm Blanket of Comfort: Including a low power state for when you get called away for important business, the new controller is also ergonomically designed to make for a far more comfortable feel in the gamers hands, as Microsoft tested the new design on a "much broader" age group, thus providing better results. Accompanying the new design will be angled triggers which will have less resistence when pressed.

The Cavity: The new Xbox One controller will feature what they are calling, "an internal battery cavity", which means there will be more room between grips, as the AA battery pack is internal. Along with the internal cavity, the controller will now feature both wireless or wired via the new USB 3.0 connection.

What are your thoughts regarding the new Xbox One Controller?

E3 is next week, so look out for a lot more news regarding the Xbox One and its upcoming release.
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