Dark E3 Trailer

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
German publisher Kalypso Media has unveiled a brand new trailer for E3 of the upcoming vampire stealth action game Dark, developed by Realmforge Studios. The one minute video shows Eric Bane, a newly turned vampire, prowling through a cel-shaded world, complete with various city areas as well as some traditional Gothic locales.

We are shown some of the amazing vampire abilities at Eric's disposal, including what looks like a Darth Vader style force-choke, being able to see enemy heat signatures through walls, and quickly jumping to distant areas by turning into a purple fast moving fog. Vampire purists will also be relieved to know that the player can indeed feed on their targets.

Dark is to be released for the Xbox 360 on July 5th in Europe, and July 9th in North America.