Fable III Free on Xbox Marketplace [UPDATED]

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
[UPDATE - It has now been confirmed that Fable III is free for Gold users throughout the month of June as part of the "Games with Gold" scheme, details of which can be found here. So don't worry too much about scrambling to get it right away as you have another 20 days to pick it up at your leisure. Oh, who am I kidding: you all got it already when you thought it was temporary, didn't you?]

Twas the morning of E3 and all through TA, every gamer was stirring, ready to play.

In what is either a bigtime bug or a serious case of generosity by Microsoft Studios, Lionhead's Fable III is currently available for FREE (for Gold Subscribers, only) when purchased through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

Here are the details.

Step One: Go to the game's page and click purchase.

Step Two: Make sure you pay with Microsoft Points NOT with your credit card.

Step Three: Enjoy your freebie.

Screen 1

We're not sure how long this deal will be valid, so make sure you jump on it quickly if you're interested.

Fable III is currently rated a 3.9/5 by our TA Community and has fifty achievements (including one that is a real pain in the posterior) without the DLC worth 1,503 TA Score.

Thanks to the many, MANY community members who sent this in.
Jonathan Barnes
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