Chime Will No Longer Be Charitable After June 3rd

By zigs00, 8 years ago
Despite this news coming directly from Microsoft employee and UK Inside Xbox Producer Andy Farrant (better known as SuperKaylo), it has since been proved false. There was obviously some miscommunication somewhere, but luckily it means that all proceeds from sales of the game will still go to charity.

Original story:
Think of this news post as a Public Service Announcement more than anything else: come June 3rd, the money made from sales of XBLA game Chime will no longer be donated to charity.

OneBigGame, the game's non-profit publisher, currently donates 60% of all proceeds to the Save the Children and Starlight Children's foundations, but unfortunately that won't be the case for much longer, according to a video interview about the game posted on the UK's Inside Xbox.

The game is priced at a low 400 MSP, and rewards players with a 50G achievement just for purchasing the game! But don't let that fool you: the game is a great puzzler, compared to both Lumines Live! and Tetris, acclaimed for its fresh-but-familiar gameplay and with a fantastic soundtrack composed specifically for the game (and pro bono) from the likes of Moby, Phillip Glass and Markus Schulz.

I can't find any word yet whether that means the game will be delisted from the Marketplace or whether it will affect the achievements at all, but you should buy it while it's still charitable, right? Riiight?

Check the external link below to find the game on the Marketplace, where you can buy it (for its low, low 400 MSP price!) and queue it up for download. I know that for me personally, this deadline was the impetus I needed to buy the game!
Credit for this story goes to tractakid