Microsoft Shows Off Project Spark

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
Microsoft have just announced Project Spark at E3, a new application which will allow people to make their own game. Players will have the ability to sculpt their own worlds and create their own games using Smartglass and Kinect and then share these games with the world. Players will also be able to download and play other people's games as well as build upon games created by others.

Microsoft have released two trailers for Project Spark, giving us an introduction and showing off the kind of things that can be created within it:

Screenshots have also been released, giving us a better look at what can be created within Project Spark:

Announcement 1

Announcement 2

Announcement 3

Announcement 4

Announcement 5

Announcement 6

Announcement 7

Announcement 8

Announcement 9

Announcement 10

Announcement 11

Announcement 12

Announcement 13

Announcement 14

Announcement 15

Announcement 16

Announcement 17

Players can sign up for the Project Spark beta here. No pricing or release details have been released for this Xbox One and Windows 8 game, but we'll be sure to share them with you once we get them.
Ellis Spice
Written by Ellis Spice
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