Trio of Videos Race In for Forza Motorsport 5

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
Forza Motorsport 5 is looking to push the envelope of racing simulation to another level when the game arrives on the Xbox One later this year.

The partnership between Turn 10 Studios and McLaren, the legendary automobile manufacturer, allows the game developer to load Forza Motorsport 5 full of ground-breaking experiences. Second to none among those in-game experiences is the opportunity to drive the McLaren P1. Have a glimpse at the introduction to Turn 10's section of the conference to see just how breathtaking the car looks.

The following trailer highlights the fact that world-famous circuits and hundreds of cars will return to the franchise, as expected, but the introduction of cloud-powered opponents is set to bring a new challenge.

In previous Forza titles, gamers were able to hire an AI driver to take on any race they so wished. Dan Greenawalt, of Turn 10 Studios, used today's conference to show how the power of the Xbox One's cloud processing technology will put an end to rigid and predictable AI. Instead, your hired driver will evolve into a Driveatar who learns from your playstyle and earns in-game credits whilst you're not on your console.

If you missed the teaser trailer that Greenawalt was referring to earlier, you can catch it here.

Forza Motorsport 5 will arrive in November, as a launch title for the Xbox One.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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