Crimson Dragon Now an Xbox One Exclusive

By litepink, 5 years ago
Originally unveiled at the Tokyo Games Show 2010 under the development name Project Draco, the on-rails Kinect shooter Crimson Dragon looks to finally rest its wings in the near future with an exclusive home on Xbox One.

After its initial announcement, the title once expected for 2011 on XBLA was delayed into 2012. The game finally was pegged for a June 2012 release in Japan, but only two days before Crimson Dragon was to be released it was delayed once more without much reason or a new release date.

The new IP later became a franchise, as Crimson Dragon: Side Story (WP) found its way exclusively onto Windows Phone devices. The Kinect shooter breathed a bit of life with a full working demo (accidentally) put on the Japanese marketplace, only to be pulled shortly after. What did all this mean? Some speculated that the signs were pointing to a release on the second generation of Kinect. These suspicions have proven to be correct, as Microsoft showed gameplay for Crimson Dragon during their E3 press conference today and confirmed that it is now exclusive to Xbox One.

Microsoft didn’t confirm during their press conference when Crimson Dragon would arrive, or for how much. Seeing as Microsoft is doing away with their points currency (more on this later), we know it won’t be 1200 MSP as originally planned. We can presume that this is still a download only title though and should carry pricing similar to XBLA expectations.