DICE Announces New Mirror's Edge Title

By Chewie, 5 years ago
DICE unveiled a special surprise at the end of the EA conference of this year's E3. After years of rumours and speculation, a new trailer confirmed the development of a new title for their freerunning Mirror's Edge series, which started with 2008's Mirror's Edge and expanded onto mobile platforms, also under the title Mirror's Edge. Confusingly enough, the new title is also currently being called Mirror's Edge and is exclusive to next-gen consoles.

10/06/13 - Logo

The trailer features plenty of the running, jumping and sliding action expected from a Mirror's Edge title, as well as the brutal disarming and takedown moves series protagonist Faith is known for.

10/06/13 - Screen 1

10/06/13 - Screen 2

10/06/13 - Screen 3

10/06/13 - Screen 4

Exploring Faith's origin story, Mirror's Edge will be bounding its way to Xbox One "when it's ready".
Written by Chewie
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