Titanfall: New Details

By ClumsyOnion, 5 years ago
Soon after the announcement of Titanfall at E3, more details involving the games style and mechanics have come pouring in. Created by new independent developers Respawn, Titanfall is an entirely multiplayer first person shooter, focusing on delivering those massive set pieces we’ve come to expect from Call of Duty, on a vast multiplayer field.

Set in a wasteland ripped apart by war, players will have the freedom to fight as a 24-foot mech or an agile assault pilot, pitting the man against machine and the great against the small. Game director Steve Fukuda talks about this choice:

In addition to infusing the multiplayer experience with cinematic flavour, we’ve been rethinking fundamental combat and movement in the genre. Titanfall is unique in the way that it places equal emphasis on two drastically different and new ways to move and fight in a first-person shooter. The intersection of the two is a big part of what give Titanfall its iconic identity.
Titanfall will be available in Spring 2014 on the Xbox One.