EA Sports UFC Details

By ClumsyOnion, 5 years ago
Last year, EA Sports announced their first major sports partnership in over a decade. The result of this comes to us in the form of EA SPORTS UFC.

EA Sports UFC boasts the most realistic fighting simulator ever achieved. Every AI fighter in the game will change their game plan and tactics based on how the fight is progressing. To beat them, you’ll have to adapt with them. When you do make contact with your opponent, you will see the displacement and shift of their muscles and flesh. When your rivals tire, you will be able to visibly judge the effects of exhaustion on both their body and mind.

The game also boasts a precision movement system, in which every step and every slip makes the difference between winning and losing. A deeper physics system allows for every strike and takedown to dig the opponent down towards the ground. Along with this, every strike you connect will have a varied damage rating, based on a non-linear damage system.

Take the fight into your own hands, when EA Sports UFC is released in Spring 2014 on the Xbox One.