LocoCycle Drags In Some New Screenshots

By litepink, 5 years ago
The announcement that Twisted Pixel's LocoCycle would be available as an Xbox One launch title was universally heralded and celebrated by all. In all seriousness though, if you're a fan of an original concept you may want to give LocoCycle a look.

The game follows the escape of the motorcycle gone rogue, the sassy and sentient I.R.I.S. She's sort of taken a hostage in the form of her mechanic, Pablo. You'll have to utilize both man and machine to execute the escape that has many interested officials scrambling to get her back to the Big Arms Academy’s School of Assassination.

E3 Screenshot 12

E3 Screenshot 11

E3 Screenshot 10

E3 Screenshot 9

E3 Screenshot 8

E3 Screenshot 7

E3 Screenshot 6

E3 Screenshot 5

E3 Screenshot 4

E3 Screenshot 3

E3 Screenshot 2

E3 Screenshot 1

E3 Screenshot

LocoCycle will be available on Xbox One as a launch day download, with an Xbox 360 version following sometime after.