XBLA Friday: June 14th, 2013 [UPDATE]

By Rebecca Smith,
Edit: Well, Microsoft managed to take us all by surprise. Not only did we get a surprise XBLA release on Wednesday, we've got a second title for Friday too. The updated list is below.

Original Story:

You'll notice that this article isn't in its usual Monday slot. You'll also notice that it's called XBLA Friday instead of XBLA Wednesday. This is because there wasn't going to be an XBLA release this week until confirmation arrived this morning that a surprising entry was going to be released on Friday. This title has spent four years in development and has suffered delay after delay. This week we finally get to race fireballs around a variety of different tracks.

Thunder Wolves
Developer: Most Wanted Entertainment
Publisher: bitComposer Games
Price: 800 MSP
Looking for an explosive arcade shooter? Then Thunder Wolves is the perfect game for you! Get in your helicopter, get ready, and go! The Thunder Wolves are the best helicopter pilots in the world, and they have already made it through countless battles. Every one of them is ready for action at any time, and ready to battle evil, no matter where it lurks. Get your helicopter airborne and get ready for some furious fireworks and top-class gaming action!
Fireburst (Released June 14th)
Developer: exDream Entertainment
Publisher: Zoo Entertainment
Price: 800 MSP
Blast opponents off the road with Fireburst, an explosively fun fast-paced arcade style racing game with fantastic graphics. Rev up to scorching speeds to outrun opponents on a dozen different tracks. Thanks to our exclusive Fireboost technology, use various explosive, fire-based special abilities to turn other cars into a pyre of parts. Leave opponents sucking on your smoldering dust in single-player mode, local four-player mode or the insane online eight-player mode!

Storm (Released June 14th)
Developer: Eko Software
Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games
Price: 800 MSP
Storm is a physics-based puzzle platform game where players use natural phenomena to guide a simple seed to fertile soil so it can take root and spring to life. Use logic and the power of wind, rain, lightening, snow, tornadoes, ice and even bubbles to solve environmental puzzles while guiding a seed to fertile ground. Relax and enjoy ad¬venture, challenge or spirit modes, each set in gorgeous environments and enhanced by soothing, nature-inspired soundscapes.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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