Kinect Sports Rivals More Details Emerge

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
Fans of the Kinect Sports franchise were given a treat at the start of E3 when it was announced that the latest title in the series, Kinect Sports Rivals would be heading to the Xbox One and would be available on launch day. Whilst we were able to bring you the announcement trailer and some meagre information, we can now go a lot deeper and provide you with all the sporty details.

Logo - 11-6-2013

Firstly, you'll be able to get into the game like never before. Using the new Kinect sensor, you will be scanned into the game and stylized into a champion version of yourself. Your virtual sport hero will then learn to act like you and compete like you against your friends and rivals, even when you're not around. Naturally this works both ways as you will be able to compete against other real-world virtual champions from across the globe. You will become a member of one of three virtual global teams, each of which has a slightly different sporting philosophy and sporting style, all ready to challenge each other in the various sports in the title.

To keep things a little fair, the enhanced match-making will do its best to pit you against a rival of similar skill level, or maybe just slightly higher level just to push you that little bit harder. There's no taking it easy from now on. Microsoft are also keen to point out that the title will take advantage of the Xbox One Living Games technology which means that the game learns how you and your friends compete, and creates an ever-evolving network of rivals in the cloud so there is always someone “real” to compete with and not just an artificial AI character. Now you never have to wait for someone else to get online. This is truly you versus the world.

Naturally the game takes advantage of the increased power and capabilities of the new Kinect sensor, which will be able to detect not only limbs, but fingers and hands too, creating much more nuanced and responsive gameplay. In this case, precision will be rewarded and even small movements will make big differences. If all this sounds a little bit too challenging then don't panic just yet. The game will offer a variety of ways to play including full body, partial body and seated experiences.
box art - 11-6-2013

Kinect Sports Rivals will be knocking you into shape from launch day in November, 2013.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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