Open World Mad Max Game Coming to the Wasteland

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In 1979, an Australian film was released featuring an unknown Antipodean actor named Mel Gibson in the role of Max, a policeman in a dystopian future where society is collapsing and the wasteland roads are in the control of brutal motorcycle gangs. The film was Mad Max and its desolate tale of vengeance led to success in the Australian box office and two sequels in the 1980s. These two films, Mad Max 2 (Road Warrior) and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, were international successes and helped launch Mel Gibson's career as an A-list actor. Road Warrior in particular is highly regarded for its breathtaking cinematography of vast desert landscapes, the bondage-punk aesthetics and its stunningly brutal car chases, and frequently makes it onto publications' "Bests Films" lists. The series had remained dormant since 1985's Beyond Thunderdome, but was recently revived as director George Miller has now finished shooting a new sequel, Mad Max: Fury Road, with actor Tom "Bane" Hardy replacing Gibson in the title role.

Warner Brothers have now announced at this year's E3 that Max will also be venturing off the silver screen and onto consoles in a new game in development by Avalanche Studios, the makers of the Just Cause series.

11/06/13 - Logo

Mad Max will be an open-world third-person action title that will see players stepping into Max's sandy boots and trying to survive in the treacherous wasteland. Facing up to warring gangs of no-good bandits and marauders, Max will need to team up with other wasteland inhabitants, such as the endearingly named mechanic Chumbucket, to aid in his survival and to help cobble together the ultimate wasteland war machine from various car bodies, weapons and armour: Magnum Opus.

Using a mix of melee weapons and firepower, Max needs to fight his way across the wastes on-foot and using the series' synonymous vehicular combat to complete missions and side-quests. Not only will he have bandits to contend with, but the landscape and even the weather will also be extremely hostile. Luckily, scavenged junk and resources stolen from bandit camps can be utilised to customise and upgrade all of Max's gear, weapons and vehicle to give him the edge he needs to survive.

A trailer and selection of screens have been released to give us a taste of Max in action. Interestingly, Max looks an awful lot like his "'Mad Mel" days rather than Tom Hardy, so this game doesn't appear to be a direct tie-in to the new film.

11/06/13 - Screen 1

11/06/13 - Screen 2

11/06/13 - Screen 3

Mad Max will be running you down on Xbox 360 and Xbox One in 2014.

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