Rabbids Invasion Interactive TV Show E3 Reveal

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
In conjunction with Nickelodeon and France Television, Ubisoft Motion Pictures has revealed details on its brand new experimental interactive television series, titled Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show, for the Xbox One. The series, targeted towards kids and families, features Ubisoft's famous little critters the Rabbids, and will incorporate an interactive component to get players more involved.

Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show will pause at certain points in time to allow the player to perform some activity using the Kinect sensor, such as speaking commands, solving puzzles or performing some other motion challenge. For example, the player might need to throw objects at the pesky little Rabbids to advance the show. However, it was not determined whether the players actions will ultimately affect the outcome of the plot.

Ubisoft will be adapting a majority of the existing seven-minute CGI episodes from the original Rabbids Invasion TV series for interactive content. IP Development Director Adrian Lacey states:

By bringing truly interactive TV to life, Ubisoft is revolutionizing the way entertainment is delivered and experienced. We believe that Rabbids Invasion The Interactive TV Show enriches the hilarious narrative content of the TV show and provides a way for the whole family to not just watch, but participate in the program.
Rabbids Invasion Logo

Rabbids Invasion Artwork

The below images showcase the multiplayer "Egg-shot" mission, whereby the viewer must splat the Rabbids with eggs.

Rabbids Invasion Screen 1

Rabbids Invasion Screen 2

The next series of images shows a game mode titled "Object Hunt: Chickee", where the player must somehow find an object or character on screen.

Rabbids Invasion Screen 3

Rabbids Invasion Screen 4

The final images showcase a mode that will be the bane of parents everywhere - the "Bwah-o-meter", in which the player must make the most noise.

Rabbids Invasion Screen 5

Rabbids Invasion Screen 6

If this project is a success, do you think we can expect to see more like it? Ubisoft assures us that Rabbids Invasion: The Interactive TV Show is coming sometime soon in 2014. Welcome to the future of entertainment!