Dead Rising 3 Details Emerge

By Michelle Balsan, 5 years ago
Though we've known for well over two years that a sequel to Dead Rising 2 (Xbox 360) was in the works, Capcom finally officially unveiled Dead Rising 3 yesterday. They also revealed that it will be coming exclusively to the Xbox One and dropped a trailer as well.

In light of that reveal, we also have a host of other information. We already know a bit about the story, though Capcom promises additionally that the story will feature "darker humor and more personable characters" than previous installments. The game world is also larger than the first two malls combined, allowing you to explore the entire city of Los Perdidios. Better AI is also promised.

Of course, you can't take down the zombie hordes with only your fists (though you can certainly try), so Dead Rising 3 brings back Dead Rising 2's popular weapon combo system and will allow for hundreds of combo weapons. The game will also put a greater emphasis on vehicles, which makes sense given the significantly larger world you'll have to traverse.

Players familiar with Dead Rising may be curious to know how the third game addresses saving, as autosave hasn't always been featured. In DR3, the saving has been streamlined, though that detail doesn't tell us much, and other improvements to make the game more accessible for beginners have been added. If an easier game experience is a turn off for you, never fear, as the game will have a "Nightmare Mode" that delivers "classic Dead Rising rules, where time is the enemy and the countdown clock never stops running."

Like Dead Rising 2, the third game will allow for drop-in co-op gameplay. This will allow you to not only help your friend progress, but will also give you valuable experience for your own game. It will also contribute to your own story progression.

Of course, one would figure that a big hook of being One exclusive would be the ability to integrate Kinect and SmartGlass, and Capcom has done both with Dead Rising 3. With SmartGlass, another person can use your tablet or phone to call in air strikes or check messages and briefings. SmartGlass will also provide you with "a mission checklist and a map that helps locate hidden items and locations, and even features a news ticker of real-time updates on the zombie outbreak in Los Perdidos."

The Kinect integration may verge on scary for some, as it enables the zombie hordes to hear noises in your living room and respond accordingly. You can also use motion controls to fight the hordes of the undead or voice commands to taunt them. Voice commands can also be used to issue orders to other survivors who are with you.

Dead Rising 3 will be available for the Xbox One later this year.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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