Final Fantasy XV Trailer and Gameplay

By Cindy Minguez, 5 years ago
Square-Enix has released a trailer for the newest member of the Final Fantasy family - Final Fantasy XV, formerly titled Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally intended for the Xbox 360, the game will now make its debut on Xbox One. From the little information currently available, the game looks to be a refreshing mixture of the old and new from the FF universe.

According to Square-Enix, the story is as follows:

The armed forces of Niflheim launch a devastating assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis, casting Crown Prince Noctis and his comrades out of their homes and into the fray. The engaging tale to follow draws audiences into an awe-inspiring world steeped in the rich storytelling traditions of SQUARE ENIX’s renowned First Production Development team.

A gameplay trailer has been released that shows the characters in battle. The battle system looks much different than any in previous FF games.

Any die-hard fan of old-school Final Fantasy will recognize Leviathan in the opening scenes of the trailer. The purple-haired man with his umbrella reminds one eerily of Kefka. Cloud fans will remember the dark happenings in Nibelheim, and the Iron Giants and Behemoths are reminiscent of Squall's fight to the bottom of the Deep Sea Research facility. Square-Enix has revived some of the iconic creatures that made Final Fantasy great. New iterations of familiar enemies and summons/aeons/GF's were part of the appeal of the series, the alluring mixture of the new and exciting with the old and comfortable.

The Shiva of Final Fantasy XV is not the breathtaking beauty of Final Fantasy X's Shiva, but they are both essentially the same creature - both can kick butt and look good at the same time. When the franchise made a dramatic departure from this formula for FF XII and following, it lost much of its luster for many long-time fans. Hopefully, with its combination of an innovative new battle system and familiar pieces of the FF playbook, Final Fantasy XV will return to the roots that made the series great.

Final Fantasy XV official logo

The release date for Final Fantasy XV is yet to be announced.
Cindy Minguez
Written by Cindy Minguez
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