Project $10: All About The Customer

By The Splintercat, 8 years ago
EA caused something of a storm in the gaming world recently when it announced it was introducing a single-use only code with some of its games. The code would enable players to download extra content and allow them to play in the games online modes. Subsequent owners of the game would be charged $10 (or the same value in MS points) to access the same content.

This move has been widely criticised by many gamers, seeing this as a move to punish people who purchase games through the pre-owned market.

In an interview with MCV, EA's UK boss Keith Ramsdale, denied Project $10 has been implemented to put gamers off the pre-owned market and instead said "It’s all about the customer, about improving their experience." He went on to deny it was a negative move against the pre-owned market by saying "It’s not a defensive measure against pre-owned or piracy.”

What I find most disappointing, more then the comment by Keith Ramsdale, is that MCV did not push the question further and ask for an exact explaination of how it will benefit the 'average' gamer.

To read the full interview yourself, follow the external link below.