Ninety Nine Nights 2 Release Date Announced

By Saint Devourer, 8 years ago
Konami announced today that the sequel to their 2006 hack-and-slash title, Ninety-Nine Nights, would be hitting store shelves worldwide on June 29th this year.

A little blurb about the game from Konami:

* Encounter Massive Epic Battles: Staying true to its predecessor, N3II will pit players against hundreds of enemies on screen for some of the most prolific 'Hack & Slash' gameplay to date!
* Enjoy Dramatic Visual Upgrades: Improved graphical presentation on the Xbox 360 featuring more enemies on screen, over-the-top destruction (Orb Attack), and uncompromised levels of violence including a blood camera system.
* Select from a Multitude of Fighting Styles and Weaponry: Campaign with various characters, each equipped with customizable weaponry/accessories allowing for enhanced combo attacks and features that progressively change enemy battles.
* Form Alliances in Online Co-Op: Combat relentless enemies with a friend in fully supported online Co-Op play for 2 players via Xbox LIVE.
You can also download the demo from the Xbox Live Marketplace here:

You can also view a multitude of trailers here, detailing various features of the game:

Anyone played the demo yet? What are your thoughts?