Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate E3 Screenshots

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Following the gameplay trailers shown at E3 earlier this week, Tecmo and Team Ninja have released a batch of new images for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate featuring a variety of character and environmental screenshots as well as artwork of some returning combatants, the recently confirmed guest fighter Jacky Bryant and two newly announced playable characters, Rachel from Ninja Gaiden and Leon, who has appeared in previous Dead or Alive games.

DoA5U Character Art 1

DoA5U Character Art 2

DoA5U Character Art 3

DoA5U Character Art 4

DoA5U Character Art 5

DoA5U Screens 1

DoA5U Screens 2

DoA5U Screens 3

DoA5U Screens 4

DoA5U Screens 5

DoA5U Screens 6

DoA5U Dessert Wasteland

DoA5U Screens 7

DoA5U Screens 8

DoA5U Screens 9

DoA5U Aircraft Carrier

DoA5U Screens 10

DoA5U Screens 11

DoA5U Screens 12

DoA5U Screens 13

DoA5U Screens 14

DoA5U Screens 15

DoA5U Screens 16

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate is due to be released on the Xbox 360 in North America on September 3rd, 2013. Release dates for other regions are yet to be confirmed but we will bring them to you as soon as they are announced.
Lexley Ford
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