State of Decay Patch Fails to Fix Bugs [UPDATED]

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago

Undead Labs has announced that a second Title Update for State of Decay is already far along on its path and is now in the early phase of certification. On top of that Jeff Strain, founder and executive producer of Undead Labs, announced that work is being done on a sandbox mode which will be based on pure survival.

This news came along with the announcement that State of Decay has already surpassed half a million downloads, making it the fastest selling original game on XBLA.

Original Story:

A recent patch intended to fix issues in Undead Labs' State of Decay is not being correctly applied to the game. The developer became aware of the issue when the infestation bug, which was meant to be resolved in the latest patch, continued to be reported. Executive Producer Jeff Strain has posted an apologetic message on the official Undead Labs forum.

First, I want to apologize. This is not acceptable, and you deserve better than this. Second, we're on the phone with our publisher right now getting everyone mobilized. There's nothing we can do at UL to fix this problem. Once the update has been handed off, the process of getting it to you is something only the Xbox people can handle. So, we're calling in the troops to get going on solving this problem immediately.
No estimate was given as to when this issue might be resolved.

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