Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
It has been rumored over the years that the third installment of the classic Deus Ex series was going to hit soon. Today, gamers rejoice as the first official trailer (external link) of the third Deus Ex game subtitled Human Revolution.

For those not familiar with Deus Ex, some blurps from Wikipedia about Deus Ex's gameplay --

In the Deus Ex games, augmentations are body modifications that allow the user superhuman abilities. While the previous two games focused on nanite-based augmentations, Deus Ex: Human Revolution will instead feature mechanical augmentations. Augmentations will be divided into four types: Combat, Stealth, Technology and Social. Every enemy squad will have an identifiable squad leader who will direct the team's actions. If the leader is killed, the squad falls into disarray. Enemies will also react to subtle player decisions, such as a change in behavior or weapons, etc.
After watching the trailer for the third game, and have only briefly played the first game I am really excited for this game. This game looks like they took the setting of the movie Blade Runner (strongly recommend a watch), added some Ghost In The Shell flavor, and mixed in some Metal Gear Solid and Splinter Cell for fun. I loved everything I saw in this trailer.

After reading a quick synopsis of the plot, I got even more excited due to the fact this is a prequel. I require no previous knowledge to enjoy this game. I believe this type of design decision is intelligent with such a long hiatus from the previous game until now, Deus Ex has not remained in gaming consciousness in the same fashion that God of War and Halo has. It is easy to forget the previous plots, character involvements, etc.

Quick synopsis of this game --

The game takes place during the year 2027, 25 years before Deus Ex. Nanotechnological augmentations have yet to be developed and biomechanical augmentations are the current state of the art. The main character, Adam Jensen, is a private security officer with a company that specializes in these augmentations. He witnesses a chilling attack on his company, and "the conspiracy begins."
The game is slated for an early 2011 release.