PSA: Have a Date with Daphne in Dragon's Lair

By Chewie, 6 years ago
Daphne, the attractive, ditsy, scantily clad princess in distress from the classic Dragon's Lair game, is one picky lady. She'll only go on a date with a gallant gamer on one specific day of the year: June 19th, the anniversary of the original game's release on laserdisc in 1983.

Luckily, for those plucky players who would like to take her up on the offer and play the game on this date, an achievement is waiting for them.

Dragon's LairDate with DaphneThe Date with Daphne achievement in Dragon's Lair worth 42 pointsPlay Dragon’s Lair on its anniversary: June 19.

This achievement can only picked up on June 19th, so make sure to load up the game on that day, even if you have no intention of actually making it to the patiently waiting Daphne (you tease). Or you could just manipulate the date on your console, in which case you'll get the achievement and your date with Daphne, but she won't be happy about it and you'll be unlikely to get a second date.

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Written by Chewie
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