XBLA Wednesday: June 9th, 2010

By Aeris Gainzbrah, 8 years ago
This week, finally coming to Xbox LIVE Arcade is:

- 800 MSP.
Rediscover the grooviest action game of all time in full hi-def glory with Earthworm Jim HD! For the first time, grab friends and combine your wormy powers in four-player co-op locally or online. Explore all the original levels, experience wild gameplay, and rock to the remastered cult soundtrack. There's even more to discover with brand new enemies to blast into pieces and never-before-seen locations. Now that's groooovy!

* Original levels: Explore all the original levels, now with an HD facelift. Enjoy two to four player co-op mode with 15 multiplayer levels as you rock out to the re-mastered cult soundtrack.
* New adventures: Venture into three exclusive levels in a never-before-seen setting. Prepare for a slew of new enemies to blast into pieces.
* Bonus extras: Become the #1 hero in the universe on the online leaderboard. Show off your crazy skills by earning achievements, and unlock Jim's costumes for your Xbox LIVE avatar.
And this weeks Game Room additions are: Baseball, Circus, River Raid 2, Sky Jinks and Video Hustler.