Obsidian Working On Dungeon Siege 3

By DavieMarshall, 8 years ago
Square Enix have announced that Obsidian Entertainment are working on a Dungeon Siege sequel for PC and consoles alike, creatively titled Dungeon Siege 3.

Of course us console folk best know Obsidian for their current role in supporting Bethesda and Fallout: New Vegas. (Anyone else start salivating at the mere mention of those three words in that particular order?).

Regardless, Obsidian Entertainment have a proven track record when it comes to their involvement in the production of killer RPGs. Cast your minds back to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II and Neverwinter Nights 2, both critically acclaimed games and fan favourites.

Dungeon Siege is the brainchild of Chris Taylor, who developed the initial games by way of his own studio, Gas Powered Games. Chris Taylor will play a supporting role to Obsidian this time around to ensure that the game stays true to it's roots.

There's a slight divergence from the traditions of the title however, but that means there's some good news for those who hate to play alone:

In addition to its arrival on high-def consoles for the first time, the game will also feature an all-new co-op multiplayer mode.
No more adventuring on your lonesome. That can only be a good thing, right? Additional changes come in the inclusion of the ever popular 'morality' system as seen in the likes of Mass Effect as the press release states that the title will feature a "world where every decision the player makes will result in consequences".

In closing their announcement, Square Enix gave the following overview of the title:

Torn asunder, the delicate balance of power between the kingdom of Ehb's powerful factions has fallen apart. As one of the few remaining members of the disgraced protectors of the land, the 10th Legion, it is up to you to rebuild the once great Legion and stop Ehb from falling into darkness. Joined by a group of unique companions, you will travel through the striking land of Ehb defeating all manner of villains and beasts through a combination of heroic abilities, screen shaking magic and fearsome weapons.
With a track record such as Obsidian's, this one is definitely worth keeping an eye on if you're an RPG fan.