Laika Believes Gets a New Trailer

By ClumsyOnion, 6 years ago
Occasionally a game comes along which leaves you guessing and wanting more. From what we’ve seen so far of Minicore Studio's latest title, Laika Believes promises to be such a game. With the arrival of the first part not so far away, we have a tasty new teaser to wag your tails at.

The trailer for the non-linear platformer attempts to clear up some of our previous questions, showing us Laika's cute little puppy face, map interface details and character development, as well as revealing some of the title's interesting gameplay.

Waiting is part of the deal to get our hands on some platforming cyber-dog action; exactly how much longer we need to wait is still misty. The first episode titled "The Sun at Night" is predicted to be released sometime this fall.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the The Sun at Night achievements.