Patch 1.022 Arrives for Defiance

By Rebecca Smith, 5 years ago
Defiance continues to receive regular updates, mostly with gameplay improvements and bug fixes. Patch 1.022 arrived yesterday for everybody; here's a list of the changes that were implemented within the patch:

- San Francisco: Charlie the construction worker has never return again?
- Fixed an issue that was causing some shields on the Paradise faction vendor to not show an icon.
- Clan names will no longer show up blank.
- Vehicles can now damage Hellbug Blast Pods.
- Fixed an issue with the Scrapper Arkfall that could cause it to be broken. Now the armature should appear on top of the base allowing it to be destroyed.
- Moved the spawns outside the building in Freight Yard so you cannot be trapped inside.
- Made the interaction with the Alarm easier in the Dark Matter Base.
- Improvements to the Wandering Hulker Emergency to keep him closer to his starting point.
- Reduced the spawn rate of Major Arkfalls to fall in line with the overall goal ratio between Major and Minor Arkfalls.
- Fixed an exploit that was causing melee nano-effects on weapons to give a target hit the ability to proc the effect for you. For example, in PvP if you melee attacked someone with a weapon that procs a melee syphon nano-effect, when that person damaged other people in the same match, you would sometimes get a shield and health regen as if you had hit them. Did that example make it more confusing?
- Cleaned up a situation where an Emergency would spawn too close to the start of the North Point Time Trial.
- Added a health bar to the Hulker in San Quentin.
- Added missing doors to Ridgecrest Mine in Madera.
- Fixed a bug with some special weapon Rocket Launchers not running out of ammo.
- Cooper is now braver! He will no longer continue to crawl after being revived.
- Fixed an issue causing the Hellbug Revenge of Hellion Major Arkfalls not to start.
Some people will be glad that Hellbug Blast Pods can now be damaged with vehicles, usually those players who are in the middle of a time trial. Unfortunately, Monarchs are still instantly fatal for any vehicle, and Raider/99er roadblocks remain as solid as ever and planted firmly in the middle of the road.

The one change that will impact upon all players is the reduced frequency of the Major Arkfalls. With a previous frequency of three to five per hour, players will now be lucky to encounter one Major Arkfall in the same period of time. This means that it will take much longer to get the Arkhunting Safari achievement. Minor Arkfalls continue to spawn at their previous frequency.

If you haven't downloaded the update already, you will be asked to download Patch 1.022 as soon as you next start the game.

Thanks to the community members who sent this one in!
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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