Watch_Dogs WeareData Teaser

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
The hyper-connected world is now. Ubisoft has unveiled its online website, simply named "WeareData", which ties in to their upcoming Watch_Dogs. It allows users to see a very interesting view of real life Berlin, London and Paris, including public transport schedules, telecommunications networks, energy consumption, traffic and safety infrastructure (like CCTV cameras and traffic lights). It also shows public postings to popular social networks activity for the city. It's all very Orwellian!

The video and images come at a time when people are especially suspicious of recent revelations concerning entities such as PRISM, so it's interesting to see just how our digital footprint is left behind for others to trace. Exactly how this site will tie in with Watch_Dogs the game is not yet clear, but it does seem to replicate the way the Chicago central operating system, or "CTOS", will appear in-game.

WeAreData London 3

WeAreData London 2

WeAreData London 1

The following video has Ubisoft explaining what they are hoping to achieve with WeareData.

Watch_Dogs will be downloading to stores on November 22nd for Xbox 360. It will also be released for the Xbox One around the time of the new console launch.