Mortal Kombat Teaser?

By dropK1CK ninJA, 8 years ago
So we know this isn't strictly about an Xbox 360 game, so perhaps not completely relevant to TrueAchievements per se, but we felt a strong need to share it. You see, a new Mortal Kombat has hit the web today, and it's pretty impressive. Nay, incredible. At this point, you should just take our word for it and go click on the external link. Seriously.

It's nearly eight minutes in length, entirely live action - featuring semi-famous actors such as Michael Jai White and Jeri Ryan (best known as Star Trek's Seven of Nine) - and is incredibly dark, bloody and gory. The trailer shows a handful of familiar faces in the form of Jax, Reptile, Baraka, Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage, and was posted on YouTube by the not-cryptically-named "MortalKombatRebirth."

zigs00 had begun the story while we were waiting on details, in fact most of the above comes from our esteemed colleague, and I felt it his analysis on what the hell we just shared in:

It's already been announced that there's a ninth MK game set to ship this year, and the week before E3 seems like the perfect time to leak a mind-blowingly awesome trailer to whet our appetites. But then again, would they really spend all that money and time on an eight-minute live-action trailer that doesn't even hint at it being a game?

There's a couple of inexplicable movie-suggesting clues too, such as renaming Jax to Jacks and inexplicably has no metal arms, the "real" world setting, the high profile actors, the lengthy fight scene, etc. But again, would a videogame movie get an eight minute trailer, containing a massive fight scene?
When the original Mortal Kombat came out in movies, I was thrilled. I enjoyed it. I even believe that it is still one of the best movie adaptations of a video game property yet — I don't know if that's a credit to the movie or to the ineptitude of the movie industry handling these properties. What I do know that made the film work is the setting in realism. Taking a huge cannon of material (at the time Mortal Kombat 2 had been released and really expanded the mythos of Mortal Kombat) the movie distilled it into something that was not Otherworld-ly. It felt almost realistic, if you can forget realism for a four-armed giant.

Mortal Kombat 2: Annhiliation I enjoy just for the large ensemble of characters we didn't get to see in the first movie and the over-the-top special effects. I mean, come on, when you battle Scorpion as Sub-Zero are you really just going to throw punches and kicks? Hell no! You're going to throw iceball after iceball at him until you freeze that sucker for an easy upper-cut combo!

I guess I have gone off on a tangent, the point is, I never viewed the Mortal Kombat shift from videogame to large/small screens as complete failures. In fact, I fondly remember the Mortal Kombat cartoon as something I looked forward to on Saturday mornings after my dosage of Power Rangers. Mortal Kombat: Conquest, the live action prequel that really needs an American DVD release, was something I snuck upstairs to watch at 10:30pm on Sunday evenings.

Whoops, sorry still on that tangent. Let me reign this in for you, after Zigs began his analysis on what this Youtube feature meant to us gamers, word began to trickle through the intertubes about this being not a live-action trailer for Mortal Kombat 9 (think F.3.A.R.'s recent treatment) but in fact material for a new Mortal Kombat movie. You see, every 6 months or so, rumors will make their rounds on the internet about a potential Mortal Kombat reboot in the works. The most recent news on such a reboot occuring were a bit of a let-down. The rights for such a Mortal Kombat live-action production are tangled up with Threshold Entertainment. The on going legal battle placing any potential projects at a standstill.

I guess someone never got their cease-and-deist letter. ( is reporting a source close to the project that this is new movie footage. The stage they have set is epic. This project had flavors of The Dark Knight, Fight Club, & Seven written all over it.