Dynasty Warriors 8 Media Released - Part 1

By Keith Gray, 5 years ago
KOEI has released a massive bunch of media for its soon-to-arrive hack-and-slash title Dynasty Warriors 8. There is so much to see that the coverage is split across two separate articles. This first article features new and existing characters for the franchise in a group of stills. The character artwork is highlighted below, and the next article shows the characters in action in other screenshots.

Shu_BaoSanniang (Custom)

Shu_GuanSuo (Custom)

Shu_GuanXing_(New_Character) (Custom)

Shu_GuanYinping_(New_Character) (Custom)

Shu_ZhangBao_(New_Character) (Custom)

Wei_CaoPi (Custom)

Wei_CaoRen (Custom)

Wei_PangDe (Custom)

Wei_WangYi (Custom)

Wei_ZhangHe (Custom)

Wei_ZhangLiao (Custom)

Wu_SunCe (Custom)

Wu_SunQuan (Custom)

Jin_GuoHuai (Custom)

Jin_XiahouBa (Custom)

Jin_ZhugeDan (Custom)

Shu_JiangWei (Custom)

Shu_MaDai (Custom)

Shu_Yueying (Custom)

Wei_GuoJia (Custom)

Wei_JiaXu (Custom)

Wu_Daqiao (Custom)

Wu_GanNing (Custom)

Wu_HuangGai (Custom)

Wu_LingTong (Custom)

Wu_Xiaoqiao (Custom)

Wu_ZhouTai (Custom)

The latest trailer for Dynasty Warriors 8 gives no fewer than 19 different characters the limelight to each enjoy a very, very short cameo appearance. The footage is taken from the Japanese version of the game; however, the spoken word is in English. Be prepared for battle cries aplenty!

Now head over to Part 2 for more Dynasty Warriors 8 media.
Keith Gray
Written by Keith Gray
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