Happy Wars Version 1.1 Available Now

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
There's always happy vibes coming from Microsoft when their free-to-play XBLA title, Happy Wars is involved. One of the team's beamingly happy members of staff was just that pumped and excited with the latest update that came to the game, that they accidentally hit the button to unleash Version 1.1 of Happy Wars early! Apologizing for "the confusion", Microsoft have kindly given us step by step instructions on how to install the latest version of the title to our consoles.

• Turn on Console
• Sign into Profile
• Scroll to 'Settings' in the Xbox 360 Dashboard area
• Select 'System'
• Select 'Storage'
• Select the device your game was downloaded on to
• Go to "Games and Apps"
• Delete Happy Wars

After these steps, go to the Marketplace and re-download Happy Wars. Once downloaded, the newest version of the title will be ready for you to play. Version 1.1 will include a new class to use, mission mode, and a few other fixes and changes which are detailed by Microsoft themselves via their PlayXBLA site:

• We’d like to introduce you to the Berserker class, which we teased you all with a few days ago! The Berserker is a class weighed on attack that manipulates two-sword attacks! It can use an extra weapon in exchange of a shield and new skills are available for this class as well! The Berserker can be available by fulfilling a certain set of in-game conditions or it can be unlocked using Happy Cards!

• Mission Mode: In this mode, various mission conditions associated with Happy Wars gameplay will be provided for players to achieve and receive awards! A beginner player support system has been added too! Here, you can start a game with higher HP, faster HP recovery speed, and shorter respawn time. You’ll want to help out these beginner players too (you’ll notice a beginner icon that’s only visible to ally players) since you’ll be able to earn bonus scores by supporting these beginners!

• Not only can you unlock Story Mode by ranking up, it is now unlockable with Happy Tickets!

• We also updated Matchmaking! You’ll see a shorter time in lobbies waiting for matches!

• We fixed the camera system too, making it more comfortable to play!

• Lastly, we fixed a few kinks here and there with missing collisions appearing in the map.
Version 1.1 of Happy Wars is available to download right now and can be done so using this link right here. Just don't forget to delete the older version of the game first.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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