EPIC celebrates E3 with 6x XP in Gears of War 2

By Dog of Thunder, 9 years ago
Announced just an hour ago by EPIC Games Rod Fergusson over Twitter, Gears of War 2 will be 6x XP the entire week of E3. Starting June 14th @ 9AM EDT and running until June 21st @ 9 AM EDT.

While this does not stack with the existing 2x XP, 6x XP still gives plenty of incentive to fire up those chainsaws during the press conferences you just have no interest in. Such as Ubisoft, whom will never be forgiven by me for the James Cameron debacle of last year!

We've got the full list of Gears of War 2 achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Credit for this story goes to DragonYen