Another Borderlands 2 Update Released

By Ashley Woodcock, 5 years ago
Gearbox Software have released several title updates and hot fixes for Borderlands 2. Hot Fixes are automatically applied each time the gamer fires up the game and arrives at the 'Press Start' screen. The effects and changes of hot fixes kick in each time the game starts as they are only temporarily stored in memory until the gamer exits the game. title updates are the kind of updates that pretty much all of us will have downloaded as we are prompted to do so when the update is live and we go to start a game. Both types of updates require your console to be connected to the internet.

A new update has been released for Borderlands 2, addressing only three issues with the game. Check out the short list to see what has been changed:

• Increased stability of long play sessions.
• Added the ability to preview and purchase add-on characters from the 'New Game' character selection screen and when joining another player's game and choosing your character.
• Added un-purchased campaign add-ons to the Fast Travel station list to streamline the ability to purchase the new content. These locations appear with an asterisk next to their names.
The title update is available now and Borderlands 2 adventurers will be prompted to download it the next time they fire up the game.
Ashley Woodcock
Written by Ashley Woodcock
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