2013 Xbox Live Update Xbox 360 Public Beta

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago

Since originally posting this story, sign up for the 2013 Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 Public Beta has now been closed.


Major Nelson announced today through his blog that Microsoft is now inviting Xbox Live members worldwide to participate in the 2013 Xbox Live Update for Xbox 360 Public Beta. This latest Update, for which the beta will be running, includes improvements to overall performance and the ability to conduct transactions with your local currency, as Microsoft Points are due to be retired later this year.

Sign up is now live and unlike previous beta programs, sign up can now be accessed through your Xbox 360. If you wish to take part, please bear in mind that spaces are limited, so once the spots are filled the beta will be closed to the public.

For confidentiality reasons, all participants will be required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), though as we have seen in the past, this probably won't stop details and screenshots from emerging. Further details on the beta can be found in the Beta FAQ.

Xbox Live members in any of the 41 Xbox Live-enabled regions will be able to take part in this public beta, though members in Japan may have to wait as it is noted that they will have “an opportunity to join at a later date”.
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