Karaoke App Gets A Big Title Update

By Andrew Ogley, 5 years ago
A short while back we were able to bring you all news about the price reduction in passes for the Karaoke app on XBLA which gave you a lot more musical bang for your buck.

If that wasn't enough to get you up and singing, Microsoft have today revealed that the app will be getting a rather major title update, with a large number of new features added to the game. The additions include challenges, new levels, set list creation, and easier Smartglass integration.

Screenshot from playXBLA

From the official site we have the complete list of the new features and what you can expect from each of them.

> News Reel! Whenever you launch the karaoke app you’ll want to be sure to check the News Reel on the home page, where special events, features and challenges will be posted.
> Challenges! Keep your eyes on the News Reel to learn about challenges that can earn you karaoke time, points, moola, props and many other delightful awards.
> Friends! Invite your Xbox LIVE friends to be on stage with you! Their avatars will join your avatar on stage to play in your band on guitars, keyboards, drums or singing back vocals for you.
> Set Lists! Create and save lists of songs to sing! Whether you’re creating your own set list or a set list for a karaoke party night, set lists are a great way to organize and quickly play the songs you want to sing.
> Levels! Just when you thought you had reached the top, we’ve added more levels and an even larger stage. And even better, now when you reach the top level you can keep singing to earn moola and continue to manage your props.
> Management Update! Whether you’re managing your Challenges, Rewards, Gear or Stage, this update makes these all easier to manage.
> Easy access to Smartglass! There’s a QR Code on the homepage of the app so all you need to do is point your mobile device at the QR Code and you’ll be browsing the song list and adding songs to the queue with Smartglass in a jiffy.
Karaoke is available now and can be downloaded for free from the XBLA marketplace, here.
Andrew Ogley
Written by Andrew Ogley
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