Final Exam Screenshots and Name Change Reasons

By Marc Hollinshead, 5 years ago
What was formerly known as Obscure has now become Final Exam. When the announcement about this was made towards the end of last month, no reason for the name change was given, so gamers were perplexed as to why this was the case. François Potentier, director at Mighty Rocket Studios, has now given an explanation which may help to put some of the confusion to rest.

When we read the first comments following the announcement of our new game, we understood that our fans expected a different content from a game entitled 'Obscure.' "We understand fans all the better because we are first and foremost passionate gamers! Thus, even if the game makes a great number of references to Obscure and Obscure 2, we thought it important to rename it. At the end of the day, it's a question of honesty and respect to the gamers. 'Final Exam' does befit the game accurately. Final Exam is the first corner stone of our new studio, and we hope this title will enable us to grow, as we have not given up on the idea of developing a real sequel to Obscure.
As well as this, a helping of new screenshots have also made their way to the surface, showcasing more monster-killing goodness.

July 10th Screen 1

July 10th Screen 2

July 10th Screen 3

July 10th Screen 4

July 10th Screen 5

July 10th Screen 6

July 10th Screen 7

July 10th Screen 8

July 10th Screen 9

July 10th Screen 10

Final Exam has had no official launch date so far, but a release window has now been announced. You'll be able to slaughter beasties and other grotesque monstrosities when the game hits XBLA in September.
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