Patch 1.024 Detailed for Defiance

By Lexley Ford, 5 years ago
Trion Worlds are continuing to implement a variety of gameplay improvements and bug fixes for Defiance and as such, have announced the details of the upcoming patch that is due to land in the near future.

Defiance 1.024

- Lowered the rating requirements for unlocking perk slots. We want everyone to be able to focus on adding variety to their builds when additional loadout slots are unlocked.
- Fixed a display error in the details pane after buying keycodes in the store.
- Challenges: Rampages: Hamburger Hill: Fixed an exploit that allowed the weapon to be used outside of the rampage.
- Challenges: Rampages: Hamburger Hill: Made it so that you will no longer run out of ammo before the rampage has ended.
- Co-op: Mine 99: Fixed a rare issue that would cause the Motherloade to go invulnerable and make the encounter impossible to finish.
- Arkfalls: Changed Hellbug Arkfall so that weak spots appear even if all of the Skitterlings are killed. No more need to yell at the new people!
- Arkfalls: Fixed an exploit that would allow a player to destroy the satellites or the central core before the Scrapper Arkfall begins.
- All enemies in Arkfalls now grant weapon experience.
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Written by Lexley Ford
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