Secrets of Raetikon Announced

By Ellis Spice, 5 years ago
Broken Rules, developers of And Yet It Moves and Chasing Aurora, today announced their new game, Secrets of Raetikon, an aerial exploration game set in alpine mountains. The game will allow the player to unlock the secrets of the world around them as they freely fly through the landscape, discovering ancient ruins and wild animals along the way, with the decision of engaging in combat or acting peacefully being up to the player.

The game will allow the player to explore, at their own pace, a variety of different environments, which include snowy mountain tops and lightning storms. The player will be able to lure, feed and tease animals within the world, who will interact with each other along with the player. This means a Lynx is as dangerous to everything else in the world as they are to you.

Broken Rules have also released some screenshots and a trailer to go along with the above announcement details:

June 10th 1

June 10th 2

June 10th 3

June 10th 4

June 10th 5

June 10th 6

When contacted via Twitter about if the game would be coming to an Xbox platform, Broken Rules replied, stating that 'We can't announce the platform yet. More soon!'. It has been confirmed that the game won't be launching on the 3DO, Sega Saturn, and Atari Lynx, however.

Secrets of Raetikon is set to release in 2013.
Ellis Spice
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