Laika Believes: Developer Diary

By ClumsyOnion, 6 years ago
Minicore Studios' latest title Laika Believes is a side-scrolling non-linear shooter platformer, intended to capture the hearts of every dog-loving gamer out there. To explain just how this game intends to fulfill that lengthy description, the studio has recently released a developer diary tied in with some gameplay footage.

The dev-diary begins by explaining some of the history behind the game, and of the dog-astronaut who started it all. When we get around to the actual gameplay we get a glimpse of the upgrade system used to individualize the players' weapons and the player themselves. The developers also talk about the deeply emotional narrative guided by an expansive quest system. The dual thumbstick shoot and movement system seems reminiscent of Geometry Wars. Couple this with springing around a vast platforming world as a bionic dog, and you have yourself a reason to get excited!

The first episode of the Laika Believes Trilogy, "The Sun at Night", hasn’t been given a specific release date yet due to its reliance on Kickstarter, but is expected some time later this year on XBLA.

We don't have them yet, but we'll publish a story as soon as we pick up the The Sun at Night achievements.