Murdered: Soul Suspect E3 Demonstration

By Dread Reaver,
Square Enix Europe have unveiled a lengthy walkthrough demonstration of their upcoming ghostly detective adventure Murdered: Soul Suspect. The video starts with the same trailer footage we've already seen, but is followed by extensive gameplay footage from the beginning of the game.

After detective Ronan O’Connor meets his ultimate demise at the hands of a shadowy figure, he finds himself in a shadowy limbo world known as "Dusk". He is unable to communicate with the people around him who are investigating the crime scene, nor can he physically interact with evidence. There is also the small matter of the rather unfriendly demons stalking him.

Death does have its perks though, as Ronan can traverse the crime scene unhindered by bureaucracy or some physical objects, such as crime tape. He has also picked up the handy ability to both read minds and possess people, powers which will come in handy if Ronan is ever to solve the mystery of his own murder. He's also not completely powerless against the demons in Dusk. The video shows all these fascinating new mechanics in action:

Murdered: Soul Suspect will haunt your Xbox 360 in early 2014.