Ultra Street Fighter IV Revealed

By litepink, 5 years ago
Capcom delivered a stunning Hadoken at this year's Evo 2013 fighting game tournament in Las Vegas, taking the occasion of the event to reveal "Ultra Street Fighter IV", an updated version of Super Street Fighter IV set to arrive next year.


In a paneled discussion about the update, the developers promised that this content will deliver even more than the previously released Arcade Edition DLC. Ultra Street Fighter IV will add five new characters to the mix, new stages to do battle on, game modes, and balancing based off fan feedback. Four of the characters have been revealed, with a fifth mystery character to be uncovered over time. Below is 4/5th of the lineup for the Ultra DLC.






Hugo 1

Hugo 2

Hugo 3


Elena 1

Elena 2

Elena 3

Rolento 1

Rolento 2

Rolento 3

While these characters made appearances in Street Fighter X Tekken, the developers aren't going to simply 'port' them into Ultra Street Fighter IV. The characters will have new moves, new animations, and will be implemented differently since the games, although similar, are two different beasts. Who could the mystery character possibly be then? The discussion panel was a bit contradictory, as they gave us a "hint" by saying it was a character never seen in Street Fighter before, indicating it's an existing character elsewhere. However, they later went on to say it is a brand-new character. Regardless of wording, you can trust that the character is in fact new in some fashion.

Capcom wasn't ready to open up the can and let out any details on the new game's modes, but did offer up the six additional stages coming.

Pitstop 109
Mad Gear Hideout
Cosmic Elevator
Blast Furnace
Half Pipe
Jurassic Era Research Facility
The screenshots and art are very pretty, but you can catch everything in motion with the announcement trailer provided below. For the record, the people's reactions aren't too fabricated, as fighting game players and spectators at Evo can be very enthusiastic and fanatical.

How much will this all cost then? Well, there's a few different options for you. If you already own Super Street Fighter IV, you can upgrade to the "Ultra Street Fighter IV, with all the new content and balancing features, for 1200 MSP via digital download. For newcomers or perhaps for collector's purposes, there will also be a disc version available that comes with the full game and the Ultra DLC for just $39.99 (or your region's equivalent). There's also the option of buying the full game digitally for the same price. Capcom sweetens the pot by adding every single bit of costume DLC released up to this point on to the retail disc or full game download, a $40 value in of itself. What's more, those that pre-order the disc receive an alternate costume pack designed by Udon.

Box Art

Udon 2

Udon 3

Udon 4

"Ultra Street Fighter IV" uppercuts to Xbox 360 and PC in Early 2014, presumably with a fresh set of achievements, though this has not been confirmed quite yet. We'll be covering more details of the DLC in the months to come.

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