Buy Comic Jumper, Get FREE 'Splosion Man DLC

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
This summer Twisted Pixel is hitting the XBLA with their third title, Comic Jumper. Instead of reading my explanation of what it is, why don't you check out the recently released official trailer instead:

Comic Jumper will also, for the first time, include two brand new, free DLC levels for Twisted Pixel's previous XBLA title, 'Splosion Man. Straight from the horse's mouth:

If you've been playing our games, you know that we like to give away free stuff in each game.

In our first game, The Maw, we gave away the first premium dashboard theme. In our second game, Splosion Man, we gave away the first avatar awards. Now with Comic Jumper, we're giving away the first free DLC as an unlockable!

You'll get one free single-player and one free multiplayer level of 'Splosion Man to check out!
Free DLC in this day and age? With no Dr. Pepper codes required? For a game that I love despite being really, really bad at it? All I have to do is buy a game from a company that I am a complete fanboy of? Sign me up!

Update 6/23 - Received word from Twisted Pixel that the free 'Splosion Man DLC will not be timed, and so the extra level will be available whenever Comic Jumper is downloaded. No new achievements will be added with the DLC.