FIFA 14: Capturing Gareth Bale In A Video Game

By Zinn Gravey, 5 years ago
In EA's quest to create the most life-like recreations of footballers, they have hired Tottenham Hotspur's Gareth Bale to dress up in a motion capture suit and look a little bit like a cheap Batman in order to capture him in video game form for FIFA 14. Bale talks about how he is honoured to be chosen by EA to make the game and shows off his impressive skills with a football. He will also be the cover star of the UK release of game.

The FIFA team don't seem to be slowing down to create the best football simulator available and their recreation of Bale is looking very real indeed. Personally, I am still wondering when they will deal with that less than realistic crowd that helplessly thrashes in the stands behind goal.

FIFA 14 will kick off in stores September 27th worldwide for the Xbox 360. The date on the Xbox One release is yet to be confirmed.