Achievement Preview Spotlight: The Smurfs 2

By Jonathan Barnes, 5 years ago
You can tell we're smurfing the gaming world with this week's Achievement Preview Spotlight. That's right gamers, we're going to hop in the way-back machine with Einstein, Doc Brown, and Marty to take a look at one of the creative worlds some of us may have grown up with in The Smurfs 2.

Now wait a second, obj, why would any self-respecting gamer want to pick this up next week? I'm pretty sure I still have a copy of Duke Nukem Forever here, so I'm not that desperate for achievements.
Now hold your smurfs, you smurf-minded Gargamel, this game might have some merit! At the very least, it will earn you some achievements that you're probably smurfing for like a smurf addict who hasn't had a sniff of smurf since last Smurfsday.

At the very least, smurfers can't be choosers, and The Smurfs 2 is squarely in our gaze for this week's Spotlight.


Let's start with the basic smurfs; The Smurfs 2 has thirty-two achievements and no secrets, so you can take a good smurf before making your purchasing/renting decision. Some of these smurfs may be grindy, but we're going to take a closer smurf at these smurfs for your enjoyment and my smurf.

We're kicking off this smurf with a great, mischievous little pop.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty... in The Smurfs 2
When Azrael is pawing inside the cabinet for Smurfs, give him one of Jokey's presents instead.

Oh man... is Azrael going to be smurfed when you give him a present instead of one of those delicious Smurfs! I bet he's going to be so smurfing upset that he'll turn green... maybe red... but definitely not blue... you need a Smurf for that.

If there's one thing that I know for certain, it's that when you're smurfing for achievements in a really smurfy game, it's always best to bring a friend, making this achievement the smurf's smurfs.

I'll Smurf the High road... in The Smurfs 2
Finish a level with another player.

Let's be honest, this game is going to be so smurfy, you'll want to share it with a friend. Right?

Everyone knows that Smurfs are pretty much the cutest things ever to inhabit Saturday morning television*. That makes this achievement a little bit odd, seeing as it's paired with a decidedly un-smurfy fellow.

* If your comeback to this statement involves My Little Ponies or Care Bears, you can go smurf yourself.
Smurf, SMASH! in The Smurfs 2
Break 100 destructible blocks. (Save file owner only)

Who doesn't love smurfing some blocks, right? If you need to smurf out a little bit and go big green instead of little blue, who's to smurf you?

I'm generally a pretty smurf guy (just don't ask any of my ex-smurfs, they're all a bit smurfy in the head, if you know what I mean) and the thought what it's going to take to earn this achievement just breaks my little smurf.

Do no Smurf in The Smurfs 2
Play a level and free no Animal Friends.

Why? Why would you not want to free your Animal Friends? They're your FRIENDS and you're just going to leave them all smurfed up in those cages with their big, smurfy eyes, and sad, smurfed faces. You're a horrible smurf... horrible.

Finally, I'm going to smurf something to you... it's really hard to pick the smurfiest achievement from this list because all of the pops looks so smurf. That being said, I'm going to take the smurf bet and pick this guy as the one that will leave you screaming, "SMURF YOU, WayForward Technologies, SMURF YOU!"

Gotta Smurf them All in The Smurfs 2
Collect all 100 Smurf Coins. (Save file owner only)

With a game aimed towards Smurfs, the actual completion of this game doesn't look too challenging, but throwing a collectible-based smurf into the mix is downright cruel towards the youngest of our smurfs. They just want to have fun and pop some smurfs, and WayForward Technologies has gone and put this arduous smurf of a smurfing achievement in here that's going to force these little smurfs to smurfing go back and FIND ALL OF THESE SMURFING COINS rather than simply enjoy the process of smurfing through each level. For shame, WayForward, for shame.

Other achievements of smurf appear to be: Coin Collector Smurf (Collect 50 Smurf Coins) (...which you'll earn on your way towards the previous-mentioned achievement), Magician Smurf (Defeat Gargamel without getting hit), and You smurfed with the wrong girl! (Use Smurfette's skill 20 times in one level). Really, I'm not sure if that last smurf is going to be all that smurf, but I really wanted to bring it to everyone's attention because Smurfette is smurrrrrrr-feee!

The biggest conundrum surrounding The Smurfs 2 is the little caveat that says "(Save file owner only)" on many of the achievements. This leads me to believe that only the primary player is going to get the smurfs while smurfing, leaving any co-op partners out of the smurfy goodness. Furthermore, there appear to be achievements for using each Smurf's special skill twenty times on a level, which could require some time.

Those things being said, let's make no smurfs about it; if you're picking up this game, you're in it for one reason... the smurfs.

If there's an upcoming game or DLC pack that you'd like to see featured in the Achievement Preview Spotlight, be sure to let us know in the comments!
Jonathan Barnes
Written by Jonathan Barnes
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