Rock Band 3 - Even More Details Revealed

By zigs00, 8 years ago
As if yesterday wasn't enough, today has seen an absolute shedload more news about Rock Band 3. So much so that this news post seemed completely unfathomable at first! But I figured what I'd do is just make break it down into sections and bullet points to keep it simple.

Big thanks to SebastianSB for a lot of this too, his posts in yesterday's thread are littered most of this stuff already, and also to amazing guys at both and

First up, the new instruments. I wish I could write more about them, and show off some images, but instead I'll link you directly to this awesome post: Click there to see pictures of both of the new guitars, keyboard and MIDI unit, as well as key information about each item and the US prices. In fact, go there and read that first before you carry on. I can wait, don't worry.

Read it all? Right then...

• The more long-term based Career Mode offers more than 700 goals and rewards with seamless leaderboard integration
• Rather than just having one huge World Tour section, the game will introduce Road Challenges, described as “Band World Tour meets Mario Party.” You set the length of it yourself and play through with your band, dealing with various challenges along the way, such as bored crowds or a panel of judges.

Party Modes:
• For the casual player, Rock Band 3 has great new party modes that allow fans to get rocking with friends quicker than ever, including party shuffle and persistent drop-in/drop-out and difficulty selection from any gameplay screen

Song selection:
• The whole system has been overhauled, with "filters" now being applied to your library. You will still be able to sort by genre, year, difficulty, etc but you can also arrange by stars on a certain instrument, length and so on. You can also combine filters to find the songs you want (songs that of a specific tier of difficulty on guitar that you only have 4 stars in, for example)
• You can also hide songs you don't want to play
• The game will also be able to “suggest tracks from Rock Band’s colossal music library, based on personal fan preference” via the song recommendation system
• The song info screens will have a lot more information, including previous performance stats and custom ratings. The same as RBN, you will be now able to rate songs with between 1-5 "lighters" based on preference

• Thanks to the new custom ratings (see above), songs you don't like and rate lowly will appear less frequently in random setlists, and vice versa.
• Players can now save created setlists, and share them with friends through both the game and
• You'll be able to make your own battles similar to RB2's "Battle of the Bands," and share them with the rest of the community, or just your friends. It'll be possible to share these battles and content via Facebook and Twitter

Pro Mode:
• This mode won't be for everyone, but is intended for players wanting to bridge the gap between plastic rocking and playing real instruments. I'll cover it a bit more specifically for each instrument below, though it doesn't seem to apply to vocals
• For the most part, this mode will teach you to play the actual songs note for note rather than a simulation of the notes represented by gems

Rock Band Network:
• All RBN tracks will be playable in RB3
• RBN songs will start to work the same as DLC, meaning that they'll appear in random setlists, tours, etc as well as being usable in any goals/challenges that allow DLC
• HMX have said there will be “very substantial improvements and enhancements to take advantage of the new gameplay features of Rock Band 3” for the RBN tools

• Strictly speaking, it's neither a keyboard nor a keytar, but just referred in-game as "Keys"
• The peripheral itself is not necessary to play the keyboard (or piano, synth, organ, etc) parts in the game, and you can just use a guitar controller for those parts. Likewise, you can play both guitar and bass tracks using the keyboard peripheral, which will be especially useful for all those songs without any keys sections
• The peripheral can be used on a stand or table, place on your lap, or worn with a strap like the guitars can be - so you can rock out with a keytar if you want, or you can get all ballad-y behind your grand piano
• Pro Keys features pitch-accurate keyboard performance across a two-octave range, displayed on an easy-to-read keyboard track.

• All previous kits will work with RB3, but the Guitar Hero drum kit will not usable in the new Pro mode
• The actual drumkit is not changing, but there will be new cymbal additions
• The Pro mode for Drums will require you to hit the correct drum or cymbal corresponding to the music, meaning you will need the cymbal add-ons to play that mode. The mode will be a far more accurate representation of actual drumming, with the snare/toms being represented on-screen as the same rectangular notes as always and the cymbals as more circular
• Nearly all of the pre-existing DLC catalog is already authored for the cymbals in Pro mode
• The jack at the back on the RB2 drum kit that has been redundant up until now will be for a second drum pedal usable for all songs that have double bass. It can also be a hi-hat pedal for use in free-play mode or for the drum fills

• Harmonies have already been confirmed, but it feels important to just reiterate that RB3 will have harmonies! Unfortunately, there's no word yet whether the harmonies will be retroactively applied to any previous DLC or on-disc songs from RB1 or RB2, but the entire 83-song setlist for RB3 will have
• The note detection and non-pitched vocals have been revised, which may see an end to "talky" songs
• Input volume and output levels have been balanced to make it sound better
• To get around the multiple instrumentalists, there will be an All Instruments Mode that means the vocalists don't need a controller to play, just a microphone

• The game will be compatible with all previous guitar controllers
• The Pro mode for guitar will divide the note highway into six (one for each string), with numbers and chords scrolling down to reflect more accurate guitar playing. The charting for this, and for the standard mode - will be note accurate.
• The Pro Guitar mode will only be usable with the two new guitar controllers for the game, both of which feature six strings

And finally, after all that exhaustive information, here's a great little finale:
"Rock Band 3 will ship simultaneously worldwide this Holiday 2010 in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other territories for the Xbox 360."

And if that wasn't quite enough, here's a three-song gameplay trailer for the game:

I think this can all be summed up in the immortal words of Roger Daltry, "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"