Killer Instinct Drops by with a Few New Videos

By SgtDigglesworth, 5 years ago
With the use of Twitch.TV, the DVR and Smartglass, it was only a matter of time before more details would surface regarding all of the new bells and whistles the Xbox One will provide, and how a game like Killer Instinct, will use them.

Recently at EVO 2013, a panel of developers from Double Helix and Microsoft Studios discussed how the integration of online tournament modes, Kinect 2.0 functionality, and how Killer Instinct will use everything the Xbox One has at its disposal to make a truly immersive fighting experience. Interested in a brief clip of the panel? Head on over to this nifty blue link.

In other Killer Instinct news, a few new trailers also emerged. The first trailer describes a new defensive technique called "shadowing", which allows the character to "move out of a block stun and into a counter", as described by Double Helix developer, David Verfaillie.

In the next video, Lead Designer, John Bautista, details the character evolution of Glacius.

Killer Instinct will release later this year on the Xbox One.