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By Rich Stone, 10 years ago
Firstly, sorry it's taken so long to post anything on here. I've been seriously busy at work, and then I went on holiday for a bit and then I had a stag weekend so there's not been a lot of time for all things TA...

Anyway, while I was away both scanners ground to a halt which is bad in a way, but it forced me into rewriting them from scratch to make them more reliable (remember when this little project started it was only scanning about 40 GamerTags so things didn't really go wrong very often).

The new scanners went live last night, and I'm delighted to say that they are running very nicely. In fact, the rewrite has allowed me to make some changes to speed them up a touch and I'm glad to say that it now takes somewhere in the region of a second and a half to see if you're gamerscore has changed. The search for the extra achievements you've won takes a little longer as it needs to go through all the games again, but this is a fantastic breakthrough and I think I'll be able to open up the site to all very shortly!

Because the initial pass takes a fair amount of time, I think I might limit the site to 50 or so new registrations per day so we don't notice a huge lag on our scores updating, but in theory we should be okay to increase the user base to around 5000 and see what happens...

A couple of non-scanner related mods:

I've added a new thing where if you look at a game page there's a new list on the right of how many points each of your friends has on that game - a game-friend leaderboard if you will. And if you also have the game, clicking on their name in this list will show you a comparison of the achievements each of you have for that game. Easier to see in action than to explain so check it out and let me know what you think.

I've also added 2 new leaderboards to the site - they are for Retail and Arcade titles. A few people asked for them so here they are (check out the Leaderboards page)

I have a load of mods in the pipeline including a revised badge system with 10 colours (!) of badges and awards for some extra things. Hopefully you'll start to see more mods coming a bit more rapidly as my workload dies down a bit.

Anyway, thanks for the support as always!



P.S. Geometry Wars Evolved rules!
Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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