State of Decay Teases New Sandbox DLC

By Dread Reaver, 5 years ago
Undead Labs have teased a description of their upcoming Sandbox DLC for State of Decay with the simple question: could you survive the Zombie apocalypse? Their upcoming DLC attempts to expand upon the simple zombie attack premise and stretch the scenario indefinitely, potentially for years.

The methods they are using to realise this vision is twofold: the first tweak is to turn infinite re-spawning loot into a finite supply in the town. Once everything has been grabbed by players, that's it. In order to survive, players will then need to travel to the edge of town, fix up an old broken-down RV, and travel to the next town. This new area is exactly the same map as the previous one, but here players can scavenge for fresh supplies while also dealing with a fresh infestation of the walking dead.

The second method the developers are using to turn State of Decay into the ultimate zombie apocalypse simulation is to crank up the difficulty. Each time players are forced to migrate after picking a town clean, they must contend with tougher, meaner zombie hordes. As a true test of survival abilities, your player can live only as long as they have the skill to do so, but the developers argue that it will get tough.

As to the mechanics of how inter-town travel will work, players will be able to find a broken-down RV near the town's outskirts. It naturally requires parts and fuel to get in working condition again, but the most devious part is that there is limited space for your gear and also limited seating for passengers. If you have a big party of friends, you might find yourself needing to make some heartbreaking decisions about who gets to come with you... provided you are not the one being left behind!

Of course, you might finally have a working RV, but there is no guarantee that everyone will make it to the vehicle in time. Players can still be killed by the shambling undead mere inches from the RV door. Frightening!

Undead Labs have not given any indication as to when this new Sandbox mode will be available for State of Decay but are teasing further achievements and unlockables.